06 May 2018
Parish of San Lorenzo - Parish of San Martino, Zocco - Erbusco - Cazzago San Martino - Ospitaletto - Brescia - Castel Mella - Capriano del Colle - Bagnolo Mella - Manerbio - Cigole (Brescia, Italy)

Third Motorpilgrimage of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2017

The Catholic Templars organize the Third Motorpilgrimage of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to celebrate the month dedicated to Our Lady the Virgin Mary.
To respond to Pope Francis' appeal: "Do not stop: go! Going through the streets of your cities and countries, and proclaiming that God is Father and that Jesus Christ made known to you, and that's why your life has changed: you can live as brothers, bringing in a hope that does not disappoint. " the relic of St. Francis de Sales was brought through the streets of the Province of Brescia (Italy) with departure and blessing of the centaurs from the parish of Zocco di Erbusco and arrival in Cigole, where the blessing of the motor vehicles took place.
During the pilgrimage, which was attended by over 50 motorcycles, the Adversary put his paw by bursting the front wheel of the sidecar carrying the relic, which invaded the opposite lane. The protection of St. Francis de Sales made sure that at that precise moment nobody came from the opposite direction. The pilgrimage then continued with the relic, in the firm hands of our Brother, on the sidecar, on the tow truck, until arrival.

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