25 Mar 2018
Cathedral of Ascoli Piceno, Ascoli Piceno (AP)

Relic of Sant’Emidio – Cathedral of Ascoli Piceno – March 25th 2018

The Catholic Templars in procession from the Church of Santa Maria della Carità (Church of the Scopa) to the Cathedral of Ascoli Piceno, alongside His Excellency Monsignor Giovanni D'Ercole, Bishop of Ascoli Piceno.
At the beginning of the religious function, the Bishop recalled the incident in Ancona, the church of San Francesco alle Scale, where two pyxis were stolen filled with consecrated Hosts, and invited the faithful to pray for reparation.
When the function was finished, the Relic of the arm of Sant 'Emidio was deposited in the cave, with a small procession from the altar.
From today, the Relic will remain positioned in the cave.

Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam