07 Apr 2018
Church of San Pio X, Cagliari (CA)

Conference on the Shroud at the Church of San Pio X – Cagliari – 7 aprile 2018

The Catholic Templars organize the first conference in Cagliari on the Shroud.
A 1: 1 scale representation of the Shroud is shown to the public so that it can show its true beauty to the public.
The conference entitled "The cult of the Holy Shroud and the Knights Templar of yesterday and today" is presented by the President of the Association Dr. Mauro Ferretti and Dr. Camilla Camplani.
The representation took place in the Oratory of the Church of St. Pius X in Cagliari following the Holy Mass, together with the local community

Non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam.