11 Mar 2018
Church of San Fermo, Verona (VR)

Conference “The cult of the Holy Shroud and the Templars of yesterday and today”

At the auditorium of the Church of San Fermo in Verona, the Diocesan Museum of Verona and the Catholic Templars, organized an extraordinary conference entitled: "The cult of the Holy Shroud and the Templars of Yesterday and Today" with a particular exposition of a 1: 1 scale copy of the Holy Shroud, perfectly reproduced. There were over 170 guests including Father Codrera Gabriel of the Orthodox community, the municipal councilors Neri and Zanotto as well as representatives of the economic and cultural world.
Speakers: Mons. Maurizio Viviani, director of the Diocesan Museum and parish priest of San Fermo, Fra Mauro Giorgio Ferretti, “Magister Templi” and President of the Catholic Templars and Dr. Camilla Camplani, a studious of Christianity and biblical archeology.
The event had the patronage of the Diocese and the Municipality of Verona as well as of the Veneto Region.

non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam