13 May 2018
Olivetan Abbey of San Nicola, Rodengo Saiano (Brescia)

With His Excellency Monsignor Pierantonio Tremolada at the reopening of the cult of the abbey church of San Nicola in Rodengo Saiano

The Catholic Templars participate in the Holy Mass of the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ, coinciding with the recurrence of the apparitions of Fatima on May 13 at the Olivetan Abbey of San Nicola in Rodengo Saiano (Brescia) celebrated by His Excellency Monsignor Pierantonio Tremolada, Bishop of the Diocese of Brescia.
The father Prior of the Abbey, Don Benedetto Maria Toglia, announced the reopening of the abbey church after several months of restoration work.
During the celebration the Holy Order of the Presbyterate was conferred on Fr Francis M. Kumi.

non nobis Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da gloriam