30 Aug 2015
Abbey of Saint Columban, Bobbio (Piacenza)

Bobbio capital of Europe

Participation of Catholics Templars of Italy to the celebrations of "Bobbio capital of Europe" meeting of Colombian communities on the occasion of the 1400 years since the death of St. Columban meeting organized by the bishop of the diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio, S.E. Mgr Gianni Ambrosio.
Welcoming pilgrims, priests and prelates from around the world, opening all the churches of the people for this important celebration.
Present the Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Order Dom Notker Wolf, S.Em Angelo card. Scola, Metropolitan Archbishop of Milan, S.Em. Sean Card. Brady, archbishop emeritus of Armagh in Ireland, the Irish bishops Noel Trenor, John Mc Areavey, Donald Mc Keow, the French Archbishop Jean Luc Bouilleret, Bishop Romanian Virgil Bercea, the Italian bishops Enrico Solmi of Parma, Carlo Mazza of Fidenza, Francesco Cavina of Carpi, Tommaso Ghirelli of Imola, Massimo Camisasca of Reggio Emilia-Guastalla, Giovanni Giudici of Pavia, Egidio Caporello Emeritus of Mantova, Maurizio Malvestiti of Lodi, Marco Arnolfo of Vercelli, Vittorio Viola Tortona, Donato Ogliari abbot of Montecassino, Piero Martini of Martirano, Giorgio Corbellini of the Vatican, Claudio Giuliodori of the University of the Sacred Heart.
Welcoming the arrival of the Derry Pilgrim Bishop, Dovel Mc Keow, arrived on foot.
1500 pilgrims from all over the world, including Korea, Australia, New Zealand, France and Ireland.
Holy mass, procession and silent march for Faith through the streets of the city, the presence of authorities of the faithful, and fraternity with the Knights of the Order of San Mauritius and San Lazaro.