It was the seat of the canons of Santa Maria di Reno since the twelfth century. The current building, with the exception of the Romanesque bell tower, was completed by A. Mazenta in 1623. In the interior, statues by G. Tedeschi, C. Molli (1622-24); paintings by Simone de ‘Crocifissi, Vitale da Bologna, Garofalo, Innocenzo da Imola, J. Coppi, G. Cavedoni, Mastelletta, Girolamo from Treviso, Girolamo da Carpi, G. F. Gessi, A. Tiarini, C. Bononi; the sacristy, very ornate, is seventeenth-century. The adjacent former convent of San Salvatore (1515-22), damaged by the bombings of 1943, preserves three cloisters of the XV-XVI centuries.

costodia della chiesa di San Salvatore