From the annual magazine “Templari Oggi” – 2019

After forty years in the desert, the first generation of the People of the Old Covenant, custodian of the “Tables of the Law”, had died. The Promised Land, the land of Canaan, was by now near and concrete reality, and the new generation that was preparing to inhabit it, abandoning the nomadic life, needed to rediscover and reread, in some respects to know in a “new way”, the Ancient Law. The Book of Deuteronomy responds to this which, by providing a synthesis of the traditions of faith contained in the Torah, has the purpose of reviving in the consciousness of the People their origin, their history and the awareness of their exclusive belonging to God.

Our contemporaneity, especially the Western one, defined by some as “liquid” due to the general bewilderment of those values ​​that know how to lay solid foundations on which to hope for tomorrow, similarly to the second generation of the People of the Ancient Alliance, needs very much a rereading of his own history, perhaps a little more honest and proud. And, therefore, also of a new announcement. In it, the People of the New and Eternal Covenant, sanctioned in the Blood of the “True Lamb who consecrates the house of the faithful“, is called, after having lived the necessary purification desired and celebrated by the successor of the Apostle Peter, Saint John Paul II, in the jubilee year of 2000, to rediscover their origin and destiny and, therefore, their mission. In a word, dear to Saint John Paul II, a “new evangelization“.

This is the spirit that animates the “Catholic Templars of Italy” Association, which laudably and with commendable sacrifice, has received the various invitations of the High Pastors of the Church, listening attentively to reality and to the countless souls seeking truth. In recent decades, trusting in the Faith in Jesus Christ and in the unconditional waste of the courage of the first brothers, the Catholic Templars have made themselves present with actions of all kinds (liturgical, charitable, cultural …), as well as in Italy also in other countries Europeans. Not for “low cost” proselytism, but for the proclamation of the Gospel that saves and the Truth that clarifies and reassures.

From a small group, we have passed to a large family, which can count on two thousand brothers, present and working in 150 Italian dioceses, followed by as many bishops and priests who take care of their spirituality, formation, ensuring sacramental assistance.

Solid in the Faith, in agreement in adhering to the Ecclesial Magisterium, solicitous in the non-exclusive but inclusive fraternity, as new pioneers, normally contributing with their own and internal collections, they endeavor to reopen and ensure the worship of God in churches; to assist and support the fatigue of the poor and simple: the Temple and the temples of God.

Admire men and women who, from everywhere, full of thoughts and fatigue, do their utmost to chew hundreds of kilometers to find themselves together to pray, to worship, to celebrate the Lord, offering their sacrifice and their prayer as reparation to the cults and to the esoteric and satanic practices which, unfortunately, without any particular wisdom of the world, grow and multiply, is even more a consolation.

Above all, the chivalrous ideal that the Catholic Templars live and transmit, consoles in this time defined as “liquid” and “post-Christian”, welcoming within itself the so-called “distant”, but who in the Heart of Christ are their main concern for love . Brothers and Sisters, confused and lost, who, welcomed and accompanied, return to God in that intimate, spiritual and profound conversion which sees them committed to rediscovering the gift of Faith by placing their own existence on the “Cornerstone rejected by the builders“, and returning, proud and exposed, to the Church of Christ.

Moving and meaningful are the “silent walks for the Faith” that offers and requests, recall and question the confused noise of many cities. Participating in the night prayer vigils, spiritual retreats, formation days is also a grace.

A true initiatory journey is the journey of the Temple, as is the one that every Christian takes to become, day after day, a more sincere and authentic disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. A journey of new evangelization and mystagogy to become renewed adults in the Faith, making this culture become more men and women aware of their task and destiny; faithful followers of Christ, in obedient submission to the Magisterium of the Church, thus become more men, fostering a renewed fraternity in unity, animating with hope and perfuming with Christ, the One Redeemer of Man, the lost seekers of the True, the Good and the Beautiful.