Since 2015 the Catholic Templars carry out their service in the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto wearing the insignia on the uniform of the volunteers and the cross for neck, in collaboration with the staff of the Basilica, to welcome the pilgrims, regulate the flows of entry and exit, assist them in the various moments of their visit: confessions, blessings, participation in the Holy Mass and passage in the Holy House.

Every Sunday and on the occasion of the solemn Marian celebrations, according to the calendar prepared by the Volunteer Secretariat, in one year,  were ensured

104 service shifts, putting in place 288 presences, guaranteed, on rotation, by more than 20 Templars.

Important and additional organizational and operational effort on the occasion of major events, such as solemn Vespers and the procession with the statue of the Black Virgin, in the presence of S.E. Msgr. Giovanni Tonucci, Archbishop of Loreto and papal delegate (7-8 September), the closing of the Holy Door (13 November) and the triduum Mariano Loretano (8-10 December): the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, the following night, ” Festa della Venuta “, which recalls the transport to Loreto of the Madonna’s house, when the surrounding countryside is lit with fires, all the bells ring at parties and many crowds rush to watch the solemn procession with the Madonna coming out of her ‘home’ to go to meet his children, finally the religious festival of the Madonna di Loreto that culminates with the celebration in the Basilica of the Solemn Pontifical.

An intense journey at the service of the Church and of Mary, the Virgin Our Lady. Under Her gaze, Her caresses and Her maternal protection, in Her house, the great honor and privilege of serving and of fulfilling our oath.

The National Spiritual Retreat of 27-28 February is an extraordinary step: more than 300 participants, coming from all Italy, gathered for one of the most important moments in the life of the Association: an opportunity for reflection, through catechesis, of prayer and testimony, with the many activities culminated, Sunday morning, in the Jubilee journey and in prayer recollection in the Holy House. It was the first time that Loreto hosted such an event, strongly desired during the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy to consolidate the spiritual journey and of particular devotion to the Virgin Mary, Mother of Mercy.

The National Spiritual Retreat, after the welcome of the mayor of Loreto, dott. Paolo Niccoletti, took place in the Lower Basilica with the catechesis of Don Luigi Marino on the theme “Witnessing Christ with courage”, the intervention of Archbishop Tonucci and the Mass officiated by the Rector of the Basilica, friar Franco Carollo preceded by catechesis on the parable of the Merciful Father from the Gospel according to Luke. Sunday 28 the Silent Walk for the Faith and participation in the Holy Mass at noon after the solemn passage through the Holy Door to gain the Jubilee indulgence; last act was the convivial moment at the John Paul II Center in Montorso, welcomed by don Paolo Volpe, an opportunity to consolidate the strong collaboration.

Important moments of service in the jubilee year were those next to S.E. Msgr. Edoardo Menichelli, cardinal Archbishop of Ancona-Osimo.

After the solemn opening of the Jubilee Year, the Catholic Templars, with their complete signs, guard over the Holy Door, attended the Holy Masses and important processions: January 1, feast of Mary Most Holy Mother of God; 6 January with the Synod of Families of the Diocese; the rites of Holy Week (this year the great honor of being called among the 12 for the ritual of the washing of the feet); the solemnities of the patron San Ciriaco and the Feast of the Madonna del Duomo.

The culminating moment was the closing of the Holy Door, on November 13th, when, for the first time, in the procession the signs that derive from the three oldest Orders of Knighthood have been united.


Non Nobis Domine, Non Nobis, Sed Nomini Tuo Da Gloriam

Fra ‘Roberto