Silence is mildness:

when you don’t respond to offenses

when you don’t claim your rights

when you leave God to defend your honor


Silence is magnanimity:

when you don’t reveal the brothers’s sins

when you forgive without investigating in the past

when instead of condemning you intercede


Silence is patience:

when you suffer without complaining

when you don’t seek consolations outside of God

when you don’t intervene, but wait for the seed to sprout


Silence is humility:

when you shut up to let the brothers emerge

when you don’t ask for applause and recognition

when you let your actions could be misinterpreted

when you give others the merit and glory of the enterprise


Silence is faith:

when you are silent because it is He who acts

when you give up the voices of the world to stay in his presence

when you are not looking for understanding

because it is enough for you to be understood and used by Him


Silence is wisdom:

when you will remember that we will have to account for every useless word

when you remember that the devil is always waiting for your imprudent word to harm and kill


Finally, Silence is adoration:

when you embrace the Cross, without asking why

in the intimate certainty that this is the only right path …


(St. John of the Cross)