In 2023 as Christians, as Knights, and as Men we reaffirm the following:

Since the world has existed, Man has attempted to abuse Man through wars, power struggles, economic and social divisions of power, injustices, harassment and discrimination of sex, ethnicity and religious, political and social beliefs, often also exploiting the means of communication.

Following the Gospel as our source of inspiration, following the Catechism of the Church as our guide together with the example of the Saints and the ancient Knights Templar, following the laws as our oath imposes on us, since in many realities in which we are present there are strong tensions social and political issues, big power games, territorial struggles and even in some situations very strong socio-economic and ethnic discrimination, mindful of all the evil of which Humanity is capable

we affirm, confirm and enunciate

that we Templars are against all forms of socio-economic hidden power, against all forms of racial, ethnic and socio-political discrimination, against all forms of persecution and forced segregation and categorically and forcefully refuse to be associated with certain groups or people who, even using the name “templar” they perform such abominations in the eyes of God and humanity, warning that we will never remain silent in the face of injustices and indeed we will fight at any cost to be a voice and refuge for those who cannot have a voice. AMéN.

Non nobis