Would you like to join the Catholic Templars?

If you believe in Jesus Christ, if you are 18 years old and you are interested in the deeds and values ​​of the Poor Knights of Christ called Templars, you can be one of us…
You do not need money, titles or recommendations, but only faith, will, loyalty and a bit of courage.

“Every day, fear knocks at the door.
When courage goes to open,
Almost always there is nobody. “

[A Templar Knight]

IMPORTANT: Please note that the Association is non-profit and completely self-funded based on the actual possibilities of members. The registration amounts to 60 euros (67$) a year. No sum is required for certificates or grade steps. This also distinguishes us, of course, from scams and profiteers cliques.

Before asking any questions, read the Questions & Answers page.