the Templar Knight is one in a thousand. 

This “One in a Thousand” is not vainglory.
The Templar is not the best; however he is:
  • the one who swears to overcome himself;
  • the one who promises to obey entrusting to his superiors;
  • the one who as “Miles” wants to reach the “Limes”, that is, the limit, the confines;
  • the one who decides to put in action with actions and example his incontrovertible
Choice of chivalric life, in defense of the weak, humble and helpless (defensio Atque protectio ecclesiarum, viduarum, orphanorum omniumque Deo serventium), witnessing his faith in Christ and transferring it with all his strength and his own means to his next one, especially to those who are far from believing;
  • the one who seeks to overcome the world by placing as much as possible the services of the Temple in the first place in his life;
  • the one who does not behave as a normal man because he chose not to be, and because he was chosen by the Templar Chain for a superhuman mission:
To triumph the faith of Christ and His everlasting Temple in the reign of the Prince of the world, the devil.
The templar’s path is a way of pure inner research and realization through the sacrifice (which also involves the shedding of blood).
This is the path of the Templar: research, self-perfection, overcoming the human condition, through chivalric ascents, or inspired by the spirituality of the ancient Templar Order.
The Templar’s path is a mean and not an end; it is a mean to overcome the human dimension, to find and reach spiritually God.
Templar’s most important quality is the cult of Truth: love and defend the truth, abhor lying (because lying presupposes inner disunity), keep promises and oaths at the cost of death (the templar promises “for God who does not lie”).
Lying vanishes the power of the rite and destroys the Templar charisma.
The Templar primarily fights with ACTION, consisting in attending:
  • meetings with Brothers
  • spiritual retreats
  • combats against the satanists horde nights with prayers accoridng to the Master
  • Temple evenings dedicated to the learning of ancient symbols, the foundations of the ancient Templar rule and its applications, the known true motives of the unstoppable success of the ancient Temple Order in just under two hundred years. 

Fra Mauro Giorgio Ferretti
Eques Magnae Crucis
Magister Templi